Wednesday, 18 May 2016

True Balance: Trustable Free Recharge App in India

There are so many Apps available to recharge your mobile phone. But most of them are scam; not working. And many are not interest those such recharging application, also most of them are pay very little.
Here is an app with works well for recharging.

Monday, 14 September 2015

Blogger Problems and Bugs that we have Noticed (Google's Blogger CMS)

Blogger is the most top free content management system (CMS) among the world. Using Blogger, Google opened a great door of creating free websites to the internet world. Using content management system platforms like Blogger, Wordpress, Jumla, etc, peoples can create website, webpages, etc without any coding knowledge.

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Free HTML Table Generator Software Download

            In HTML webpage content creation, HTML table is a very important aligner. Among thousands for website, there may not be any site without at least one table. If you are a web developer or blogger, what will you do if you want a table on your site? You may create table using HTML table tags or may use any online tool. It is not easy to create large sized table by writing HTML codes. There are some software tools which generate HTML table. But most of them are shareware.

How to Add a Site to StumbleUpon: Step by Steps with Pictures

What is Stumble Upon? 

Stumble Upon is a website which brings variety of websites according to our interest. If you are interested in Football, and you are seeking notes and news about Football, you may find several website from search engine like Google. There you need to search and browse website, but in Stumble Upon which gives websites related to Football directly according to your interest.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

How to Show a Widget or Content Only on Homepage on Blogger

You may need to show some content or widget only on blog homepage made by blogger.
These are some examples to show specific content only on homepage:
  • Showing some ads only on homepage
  • Showing authors’ details on homepage only. Because, it is not good to showing all authors’ details in all your blog pages.
  • Showing index or contents of your blog on homepage
  • Displaying welcome image only on homepage

How to Open all Linklist Links in a New Tab or Window always

Opening a link on new tab or new window is usual in internet browsing.

This has a benefit for both user and author
  • Author (website) gets more traffic; reader may open more links from current page.
  • Readers can open another link by keeping current page without closing.

How to Hide All Posts from Home Page on Blogger

Blogger allows us to control number of posts in home page by editing posts widgets in blogger layout dashboard. Maximum number of posts in home is 500 and minimum is 1. That is, minimum one post should be appear on blogger home page.

But in some cases, you may need to hide all post from home page, which may be for displaying something other on homepage than posts.

Here I am going to explain how to hide all articles from your blogger home page.